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From the rural landscapes of Minnesota and Montana to the vibrant hub of creativity in Los Angeles, Ryan Nordin's journey seamlessly blends his childhood love for the outdoors with a burgeoning passion for film. In 2021, Ryan's artistic prowess as a VFX artist and colorist shone brightly at Stept Studios, where he collaborated with renowned brands such as Oakley, Pepsi, and Samsung. Currently headquartered in Los Angeles, Ryan stands as a founding pillar of Mission Ranch, a thriving production company that has burgeoned into a dynamic team of 15 individuals. At the age of 24, Ryan's indomitable spirit led him to the doors of Sony Pictures, where he pitched "Scraps," a groundbreaking LGBTQ+ summer romance film that he penned himself. Notably, he secured Colton Underwood as a producer for the film. Ryan's screenplay for "Scraps" garnered acclaim and accolades, emerging victorious at prestigious film festivals such as Slamdance and Sidewalk. Ryan is on a mission to illuminate the narratives of underrepresented communities, leveraging the power of storytelling to drive meaningful change. In an alternate reality where film doesn't capture his focus, Ryan Nordin would likely be scaling new heights as a professional rock climber.


(218) 464 8075

Montana commercial representation:

Mission Ranch

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